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Materre, A. (2017). Note to self.

ISBN-10 1365832368
ISBN-13 978-1365832369
This book is the combination of three books I started writing when I was 14. Ten years later, I am able to look at the material with fresh eyes and even better advice than before. I wrote this book and the first two as therapy to help me find a way through. The fact that I was able to help many others was just a bonus. In this book, I talk about different issues in different aspects of your life and give solutions to the problems that may arise. My only hope is that this book helps you to gain a little more clarity in life and helps you to grow as a person. 


Davis, L. (2017) The Re-education of the African American child: In today's school system
ISBN-10 1974227936
ISBN-13 978-1974227938
We know how the educational system fails many African American students, and we know why. Despite this, little has been done to address and fix these issues. Thus, the problem persists. Veteran educator Larry D. Davis proposes a systematic, step-by-step approach to transforming how we educate African American children. Davis clearly shows that the reeducation of African American children is a group effort: educators, students, parents, school districts, and communities all need to take responsibility for educating children. He examines the programs and services required to support both educators and African American students and candidly discusses the challenges his proposals face.

Jordan, Shauntae M. (2011). Learn How I Made a Fortune While in College:. A Real-Life Student Strategy Guide 
ISBN:. 978-0-9838287-0-9
If you are seeking scholarships, a new job, or simply want to be the best you, then it might be time to change your thinking. This book will empower you to evaluate your starting point, check where you are located on your roadmap to success, and most importantly, help you to navigate to where you want to be tomorrow.



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