AABHE 2020 Call for Proposals

Pathways to Success in Higher Education: Perfect Vision in 2020

Dr. Dereck Rovaris, President
Dr. Odelet Nance West, President Elect
Dr. Imani Michelle Scott, Conference Co-Chair

March 18-21, 2020
Charleston, SC


The American Association of Blacks in Higher Education (AABHE) has a rich and historic legacy documenting its commitment to leadership and success in all facets of higher education. For decades, AABHE has effectively operated as the premier organization supporting the achievement of Black students, faculty and staff in higher education by: 1) encouraging dialogue on and supporting resolution to those issues of greatest concern to its stakeholders; 2) communicating the accomplishments Blacks in higher education to members of the national and international academic community, and 3) promoting a series of programs and annual conferences designed to facilitate opportunities for collaboration and networking among individuals, institutions, groups and agencies in higher education.
AABHE invites proposals that focus on ways in which lessons from the past have been and/or can be used to inform and perfect academic practices, policies and research initiatives that directly impact Blacks in higher education. Our theme, Pathways to Success in Higher Education: Perfect Vision in 2020, encourages submissions that inspire creative thinking, promote innovative programs and embolden policy initiatives leading to greater access and leadership opportunities for Blacks in higher education. Highest preference will be given to proposals that go beyond specific research findings or perspectives to emphasize visionary collaborative and creative academic programs, policies and practices that foster more perfected pipelines to success and leadership potential for Blacks in higher education.
While there are many other African American/Black organizations representing specialized areas of industry and/or particular disciplines, AABHE is distinguished by its encouragement of academic success and leadership specifically for Blacks in higher education. Therefore, we also welcome theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches within the academy that may advance our conceptualization of partnerships as we navigate various but strategic pathways to success. Submissions are accepted in three formats: General Conference, Roundtable, and Poster Sessions. 

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