AABHE Board Criteria

AABHE Board Commitment and Duties

An invitation to serve on the Board of Directors of an organization is both an honor and a responsibility. It means that the for-profit or nonprofit organization has confidence the individual has the experience, judgment and skills to help the organization accomplish its objectives. Board members should oversee the operations of all initiatives that benefit the membership and partnerships. The Board should be comprised of seasoned professionals with expertise in everything from financial management and human resources to  fundraising and community service

The following is an excerpt from the AABHE Board Operations Manual that reflects Board expectations:


In addition to the duties designated in the Bylaws, each Officer and Director shall make the following fundamental commitments to the Association:

            1. Time Commitment

                   a. Serve a full term of office: Officers for 2 years and Board Members for 3 years.

                   b. Attend the three regularly scheduled physical Board meetings (summer, fall, and national conference meetings).

                   c. Advance the mission, vision and strategic plan.

                   d. Engage in the ongoing business of the AABHE network through email or conference call discussions.

                   e. Chair or serve on a committee, taskforce or work on an initiative.

                   f. Travel on occasion as an AABHE representative at conferences as a presenter or exhibitor.

                  g. Actively recruit new members, gather information for the newsletter, etc.

          2. Financial Commitment

                  a. Commit to absorbing one's own travel and accommodation expenses for attending

Board meetings.

                   b. Commit personal and/or professional resources in the form of copies, postage, cash, etc., for special projects of the Association in accordance with one's ability.

                   c. Commit to being a paid "Contributing Member” of the Association

                   d. Annually raise the equivalent of $1,000 in ads, sponsorships, cash, or in-kind donations.

         3. Conference Support Commitment

                  a. Commit to encouraging at least four people to attend the annual meeting. Those who are able, may consider using their own budgets to pay for persons from their institutions.

                  b. Commit to duplicating and distributing conference information to every African-American faculty and staff member at all institutions that you have contact with.

         4. Leadership and Mentoring Institute Support

                  a. Commit to send or recommend at least one person to the Leadership and Mentoring Institute each year.

                  b. Participate in the Institute as a mentor where feasible.

         5. Graduate Student Recognition

                   a. Encourage graduate students to apply for the conference award.

                   b. Mentor graduate student awardees.

In addition, all Board members should be persons of the highest integrity, who abide by exemplary standards of business and professional conduct. Officers and Directors should possess the skills, judgment, and commitment to devote the time and attention, necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.