AABHE Statement on the Unprecedented Violence in Our Country

The recent mass killings that were carried out in El Paso and Dayton are both shocking and painful.  The shock is a result of an inability of our nation to combat these types of events. The pain resides in the fact that not only were young lives cut short but the likelihood of tragedies like this occurring again remain on the horizon if corrective action is not taken.  The shooter in Texas acknowledged his intent on harming members of the Latinx communities due to his misguided thinking on immigration.  Domestic terrorism, white nationalism, and white supremacy were at the heart of the El Paso shooting. And while we may not fully know the motives of the Ohio shooter, we do know the majority of those murdered were African American. 

These assaults were carried out against brown and black people.  While the loss of any life is disconcerting, the targeted attacks on people of color must stop.  But not only these high-profile mass shootings, we must also stop the incessant violence that daily claims dozens of our black and brown young people in communities across the land.  Gun control is often at the forefront of any discussion that addresses these concerns.  However, racial tolerance and acceptance must also be included along with better opportunities for those perpetrating the violence.

AABHE will continue the fight to educate and train the leaders in the fields of sociology, education, economics, law, science and any field that will help find solutions to these troubling assaults in our communities.  We will continue to attack these problems from every angle. Daily there is bloodshed in our streets.  This must stop. And we must also put an end to domestic terror and the support of white supremacy and other such evils.   We are better than this.