June 19, 2019

Greetings AABHE,

“Are you a snorkeler or a scuba diver?”

At the recent funeral of the Queen of New Orleans Cuisine, Mrs. Leah Chase, Bishop Guillory of Beaumont, TX described the late iconic chef as a scuba diver.  He contrasted her with the snorkeler who only swims on the surface.  He asserted that Mrs. Chase went down deep to reach people through strong faith, her food, her love of the arts, and her championing of civil rights.  In your work in higher education, which one are you, the snorkeler or the scuba diver?

To snorkel, all one need do is purchase a mask, a snorkel, and fins are recommended.  “Training” can be completed in mere minutes and only entails learning how to put on the mask properly and how to breathe properly.  That’s it.  In order to scuba dive, you must be certified as a scuba diver.  Certification require written materials to study, written exams, training in a swimming pool, and dives in open water.  This usually takes several days and sometimes, training can span several weeks. Scuba costs more and takes more time; but you can dive deeper and you can go beneath the surface.  

On this Juneteenth, the commemoration of the final emancipation notification for our African American fore parents, let us strive to always dive deeper.  Let us do the hard work that our ancestors and most who came before us have always done.  And let us pursue these depths to make all of higher education better for those we serve and those yet to come.

AABHE Notes:


  • Huge hugs to our colleague and friend, Dr. Jack Thomas.  He has been in quite the storm as the former president of Western Illinois University.  We got you, brother.

  • Please encourage your colleagues to join AABHE

  • The AABHE Board will be meeting in San Diego, this weekend, June 23-24.  Any members in the area please contact us and say hello

“It’s all about the students”,

Dereck J. Rovaris, Sr
Dr. Dereck J. Rovaris, Sr.
President, AABHE


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