October 2, 2019

“Back in my day…”


I have often heard people reminisce (myself included) about how much more industrious the previous generations were compared with the “kids of today”.  It usually starts with something like, “back in my day…” or “when I was a kid…” and that is followed by (pick your choice) “I cut grass”; “I had a lemonade stand”; “I had a newspaper route”; or even, “I had a part time job after school”.   Well good for you, but don’t be too hard on today’s youth.  Why? 

Kids are no longer able to do most of those activities.  Now lawns are professionally mowed; lemonade stands seldom work since nobody is out walking in the neighborhood and if someone is, they’re exercising and don’t have time to stop (let’s not talk about city permits for such enterprises); and hardly anybody gets the daily paper anymore. Furthermore, those minimum wage jobs that we got as teenagers are now going to older people and young adults who need those jobs to make ends meet.

It’s tougher for the Z generation.  They can’t save enough money from a summer job to pay for their college tuition like some of us did in the past. They also have to take out student loan debt that looks like mini home mortgages compared to the debt we incurred.  The point to all of this is that youth economies have changed and so likewise has the cost to attend college.  It’s not the same as when you and I were in school.  So, let’s give the current undergraduates a break.  Don’t accuse them of having a lack of industry because so many of them possess a more valuable entrepreneurial spirit.  Don’t preach about not knowing the value of hard work to a generation that has been weaned on working smarter not harder.  Sounds like the right way to do it to me.

Continue to do good work.


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Dereck J. Rovaris, Sr
Dr. Dereck J. Rovaris, Sr.
President, AABHE

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