January 8, 2020

“The Roaring Twenties” 


As we begin what will undoubtedly be yet another successful semester (see the previous Wednesday Word for our definition of ‘successful’) our thoughts now turn to new beginnings.  We begin not only a new calendar year, 2020, but a new decade as well.  (Yes, some folks argue that this is the last year of the decade but they are wrong. Trust me.)  The new “Roaring Twenties” have begun and once again the irony is not lost on this author.

Wikipedia describes the original “Roaring Twenties”, 1920-29 as “a period of economic prosperity with a distinctive cultural edge”.  Sound familiar, huh? It goes on to state:  “This period saw the large-scale development and use of automobiles, telephones, movies, radio, and electrical appliances…Aviation soon became a business. Nations saw rapid industrial and economic growth, accelerated consumer demand, and introduced significantly new changes in lifestyle and culture. The media, funded by the new industry of mass-market advertising driving consumer demand, focused on celebrities, especially sports heroes and movie stars, as cities rooted for their home teams and filled the new palatial cinemas and gigantic sports stadiums. In many major democratic states, women won the right to vote. The right to vote had a huge impact on society.” Sounds even more familiar. So much of this is being repeated today from the economic drivers to voting, they will all shape the next ten years.  And lest we forget, that booming decade 90 years ago ended with a financial Depression.


We have work to do if we do not want to repeat the mistakes of the 1920s and we have work to do if we want to similarly celebrate the successes of that decade like cultural richness, voting rights, economic development, and mass-media opportunities.  There’s work to be done on both fronts. So as always, we close with the following admonishment,

Continue to do good work


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Dereck J. Rovaris, Sr
Dr. Dereck J. Rovaris, Sr.
President, AABHE

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