January 7, 2021

“Something Might Mean Everything to Someone” 

During a recent fundraising campaign, a donor commented on the campaign’s social media page “something beats nothing” after making what she deemed an insignificant contribution.  To which I replied, “Something might mean everything to someone”.  Most of us can remember being broke at some point of our lives.   It might have been those ‘broke college days’ when finding both milk AND cereal was a major win; or maybe more seriously when you were younger and your family experienced major financial difficulties.  Either way, you may have done a little dance upon discovering “something” like a ‘hidden’ $20 in your purse, or an unknown special discount at checkout, or even just getting a free jr. frosty at Wendy’s (boy those things are small).  Sometimes, “something” can feel like everything.

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So, as we begin this new year and second semester, I encourage you to focus on the “somethings” that you do for your students, colleagues, and even your family and friends.  Most of us have experienced the former student who gleefully informed us of the help we once provided or mere words of encouragement that were pivotal in their college journey. They go on and on about how meaningful this was for them and yet you can scarcely remember doing that much.  It may have seemed like your something was nothing but in reality, your help made all the difference for that student.

We also are familiar with the stories of small acts of kindness at just the right time that saved someone from total despair or worse.  Our “somethings” matter and we should commit ourselves to ensuring that our interactions, especially those with students, are rich with thoughtful, considerate intentions.  A word, a smile, (and when we get to safely do so again) a hug might be that something that really makes the difference.

As we begin this new year many are grateful that 2020 came to an end. However, 2021 will still hold plenty of the vestiges of this past incredibly unique and difficult year.  The struggles of the coronavirus remain and the numbers are getting worse but vaccinations are starting to be administered.  Yesterday’s repugnant display at the US Capitol showed just how fractured our country is and yet in the literal midnight hour, redemptive hope was witnessed as Congress resolved to not let an unlawful breach of their chambers stop the electoral college certification.  I even stopped writing this Wednesday Word yesterday and started to rewrite it about the rioting anarchists but chose to instead uplift and inspire. That’s why I figured I would write about “something” 

Stay well, stay safe, stay COVID smart, and continue to do good work.

“It’s all about the students”,

Dereck J. Rovaris, Sr
Dr. Dereck J. Rovaris, Sr.
President, AABHE



Our 2021 AABHE Virtual Annual Conference will be held March 15-16th.  We will be delivering as much of our regular annual conference content as we can possibly deliver in an engaging virtual format.  Nikki Giovanni is confirmed as our keynote speaker.  Additionally, great speakers, panels, sessions, awards, and even social events are all being planned.  “See you” next March…   


AABHE Town Hall Meeting with Dr. Rovaris & Dr. Silver-January 27th (1pm est/12pm cst)